Auctioneer's Note: This will be a great opportunity to buy large amounts of Old New in the Box train sets, cases of train cars, tracks and accessories. Most all of the items are in the original boxes. Items are from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Wind up trains and electric trains. All the trains and accessories are from one party. Many of the items will be sold in case lots. There are too many cases of cars to list all of the numbers on the boxes.




No. 6 - 1083 The Pacemaker
No. 6 - 1581 Thunderball Freight
No. 6 - 1382 Yardmaster
No. 6 - 1403 Enjoy Coca-Cola
No. 6 - 1355 Commando Assault Train
Several other sets in boxes
Huge assortment of rail cars in cases too many to list.
Also many engines and transformers


K-Line cases of cars
Boxes of track (straight & curved)
HO train sets including Super Thunderbolt Express
Other sets and several cases of cars and accessories




3 windup train sets complete in boxes
Other windup trains
Electric sets:
No. 7360 Eagle Express No. 52875 (2) Sets
No. 4209 No. 4341
Many other engines, cars & accessories





Boxes of model railroad magazines - 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s
Buying Guide 1975-76-77
RR Route Brochure & Time Tables
     - Chicago and Northwester Western
     - Missouri Pacific Lines
     - Southern Pacific
     - Union Pacific System
Several Other Books and Papers

Many More Items By Sale Time!

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