Auctioneer’s Note: Plan now to attend this nice household auction. This will be an evening auction. Sale starting at 4:30 p.m., so be on time. Many boxes not yet opened. Several good pieces of furniture, appliances, tools and much more. Trees will sell at 6:00 followed by coins.


Vinyl sofa and matching recliner rocker
Double bed
Love seat sofa sleeper
Queen size hospital bed
Kitchen table w/chairs
Leather sofa
Book shelf
Coffee table
End tables
Entertainment center
Corner shelf
Bent wood chairs
Camel back trunk
Rolling dinette chair
Stuffed living room chair
Card table & chairs
3 book cases
Dishes, Pots & Pans
Several Halloween costumes


Big screen TV
Maytag washer
Maytag dryer
Apartment refrigerator
Toshiba TV
Sanyo TV
Bread machine
Small kitchen appliances
Hoover vac
Electric sewing machine
Electric fan


Clark wire feed welder
Patio glider
Garage creeper
Pickup tool box
Power washer
Lawn chairs
File cabinet
Fishing rods
Large marble game
Carpet ends
Aluminum extension ladder
Kerosene heater
Water skies
Golf clubs




15 Blue spruce 15-18”
10 Black Hills Spruce 24-30”
10 White Pine 24-30”
15 Meyers Spruce 24-30”
2 Cleveland Select Pear
1 Corkscrew Willow
1 Red Profusion Crabapple
1 Prairiefire Crabapple
1 Sugar Tyme Crabapple
1 Higan’s Weeping Cherry
1 October Glory Red Maple
1 Red Sunset Red Maple
1 Sun Valley Red Maple
1 Sweetbay Magnolia
4 Bur Oak
4 Northern Red Oak
1 Tulip Tree
2 Winesap Apple
1 Red Delicious
1 Yellow Delicious
2 Ayers Pear
1 Moonglow Pear
1 Magnolia Ann
2 Common Purple Lilac


1883 Indian Head Cent
1907 Indian Head Cent Unc
1909 Wheat Head Cent
1970 Mint Set
3 Collectors Coins
Postage Collector Pins
1972 Ike Dollar Au
1910 Wheat Head Cent
1953 Red Sear $2 Bill
10 Old V Nickels
Beginner Collector Set
Postage Collector Pins
2 Canadian One Dollar & a Two Dollar coins
1922 “S” Peace Dollar
1935 “S” Indian Head Penny
1880 Indian Head Penny
2009 MS60 Penny
1999 & 2000 US Dollar Coins MS64
1970 Proof Set
1st 4 President Gold Dollar Unc
1972 Ike Dollar AV
1909 Wheat Head Penny
209 Wheat Head Pennies
Jar Damaged Coins
Postage Collection Pins
1976 Ike Dollar AU
Box Misc.
2 Rolls Unsearched Wheat Head Pennies
Roll 46 Indian Head Pennies
11 Buffalo Nickels
Book Unc Quarters 1999-2003
Book Unc Quarters 2004-2008
Read Seal $2 Bill
2 - 1999 & 2 - 2000 Unc Dollars
Bag Tokens
Combination Tool
Combination Tool
Collector Nickels
1972 Ike Dollar Au
1976 Silver Proof Quarter
Roll 50 Indian Head Pennies
24 AU & BW Wheat Head Pennies
2000 “P” Sacagawea BU
2000 “D” Sacagawea BU
The Obsolete Collection
Holder w/Unc Ike Dollar
Roll Unsearched Wheat Head Pennies
8 MS60 Quarters
Roll Unsearched Wheat Head Pennies
Roll Unsearched Wheat Head Pennies
Quarter Book
Quarter Book
Collector Nickels
Postage Collector Pins
4 Red Unc Wheat Heads
1963 Red Sear Five Dollar Bill
Set of 6 Unc Sacagawea Dollars

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